General Overview

Refleks Yangın Guvenlik Sistemleri A.S. has an organization that provides design, manufacture, supply, installation, maintenance and training of active and passive automatic fire safety systems. The concept of our company is to design with certificated software, produce and / or procure certified systems, assemble, train and maintain, and provide turnkey solutions for fire safety.

Refleks management board supervises projects, warehouse activities, manufacturing and finance management on ERP platform. Manufacturings are done at 4000 m 2 company headquarter in ISTANBUL / Kartal for our company’ s ANKARA, IZMIR and ADANA units and the projects completed throughout the country. Manufacturings and tests are done at our facility in ISTANBUL/Pendik for suppression system.

Refleks Yangın Guvenlik Sistemleri A.S., one of the leading companies in the sector, is inspired by its developing vision and continues to create new missions within its service area.


Our productions are carried out according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 rules, capacity report of Istanbul Chamber of Industry and Ministry of Industry and Technology, TSE, inspection of Türk Loydu document.

Gaseous suppression systems are in accordance with EN 13222 standards issued by TÜV-SUD and also certified with TPED, CE, VDS and GOST. Foam suppression systems are certified with Türk Loydu. Moreover welded fabrications and system pipe assemblies are certified with CE, RINA and GOST certificates.

Fabrication stages are as hereunder:

  • Office design studies according to EN 13322,
  • Procurement of special steel , cutting on sheet metals according to orders, acidification, bending, production of camber and coloret,
  • Shielded carbon electrode welding, sandblasting, normalization on annealing furnace
  • X-ray testing of welds, marking, sampling for tensile testing
  • Anti-static powder painting
  • 50 bar hydrostatic pressure tests on all fabrications,
  • 112.5 bar burst test according to samples
  • Pre-shipment inspection and controls

Collector, nozzle fabrications are certified with CE by BVQI and TÜV-SUD. Fatigue tests are made by the quality control unit. Foam and dust suppression systems under our brand that are produced at CSI Srl’ s facilities in Italy ( www.csiantincendio.it ). The productions are done with certifications of CE, Turkish Lloyd, RINA and GOST. Repairs of fire curtains and certified fabrics and productions done with equipment are provided and tested by our experienced electromechanical staff.

Storage & Filling Facilities

Our storage facilities of all fire systems are operated with 3200 pieces at 4000m² areas in ISTANBUL / Kartal and Pendik, managed by ERP system. Designs, sellings, assemblings and maintains are done by our company, which re-fills FM200 (HFC-227ea), HFC-125 and FE-36 (HFC-236) with our certified equipments at our facility, which is constantly inspected and also licensed. Inert (220 and 300 bar) and CO2 systems are refilled by our team, who receives special trainings in UK.

Valve groups of different brand systems used at the market are filled with special equipments at our company’ s facilities. In case customer requests or pressured case is older than 10 years, a hydrostatic test is performed by an organization with TSE certificate according to values indicated on cases. The cylinders are subjected to 2-day testing in order to establish whether or not there is a nitrogen leakage during filling and after pressurization. Leakage test is done with HFC detector and finally foam test is performed before delivery.

Filtration and filling unit used at “Re-filling” processes is imported from USA. Transfer and vacuum pump, digital scale, compressor units and vibration unit are calibrated equipment. Filling and testing are performed according to a method given by manufacturers and their requirements about the fillings. Cylinders filled by us are labeled and encoded with LOT number.

Fair & Seminar

01-04 October 2009ISAFIstanbul
23-26 September 2010ISAFIstanbul
22-25 September 2011ISAFIstanbul
23-26 May 2013SODEXAnkara
07-10 May 2014SODEXIstanbul
08-13 June 2015INTERSCHUTZHannover, Germany
07-10 May 2015SODEXAnkara
23-26 February 2016SICURMadrid, Spain
04-07 May 2016SODEXIstanbul
10-13 May 2017SODEXAnkara
7-10 February 2018SODEXIstanbul
15-18 MarchWIN EURASIAIstanbul