General Overview

Foam suppression systems; designed, sold, assembled and maintained by our company; are composed of foam concentrations imported from Fomtec company and equipment manufactured with our company brand in Italy. UL, ICAO, EN, LastFire Test, UK Defense, Lloyd’s Register certified foam concentrates are used in FM, UL Listed Ex6015, EN 1568, GOST certified systems. Actual tests of systems designed according to expansion rates are made according to scenarios.

Maintenance and periodic inspections are conducted on the basis of NFPA 25 and “NFPA Test and Maintenance Inspection”. Tests are performed according to NFPA 11, 13 and 20.

Usage Areas of the System

Below are some examples of areas of use for foam systems, one of the best solutions in class (B) fires.

  • Fuel, flammable chemical substance tanks and overflow ponds, combustible flammable chemical substances, reactors and chemical processes,
  • Aircraft hangars, airfield maintenance facilities,
  • Forest fire defense (aircraft and vehicles),
  • In the marine sector; chemical tankers, cargo tanks, salvage tugs, fire defense boats, shipyards, pools, docks, piers and marinas,
  • On all production sites in the refineries,
  • Pharmaceutical, chemical, paint, food, rubber, printing and plastics industry facilities,
  • Open and covered warehouse and filling facilities for military purposes,
  • At tunnels, terminals and storages.

Fire cabinets, monitors and mobile units designed for the abovementioned uses are also imported. The foam suppression system cannot be used in Class (D) fires.

Foam Concentrations

Condensed foam; ready-to-use and called foam extract, is imported with certifications of UL Listed Ex6015, ICAO, Lloyd’s Register, LastFire Test, UK Defense and EN 1568 as a synthetic or protein-based from Swedish company FOMTEC, which we are representative of.

The selection of foam concentrates is the suppression agent of the foam system and is selected according to the hazard class of the products in the protected volumes, the foaming equipment and the NFPA 11 rules. The design of the foam system is based on what type of flammable, combustible chemical it is, where it is stored, on what conditions, and what kind of process it will take.

Usually used at 3% or 6% mixing. However, some foam extracts (such as those used in forest fires) are used between 0.1% and 0.5%. Foam extracts are classified according to below expansion rates:

  • Low expansion (Heavy Foam) – expansion ratio 1/1 – 20/1
  • Medium Expansion (Medium Foam) – expansion ratio 20/1 – 200/1
  • High Expansion (Light Foam) – expansion ratio 200/1 – 800/1

As long as the original packaging does not open, does not expose to air, and remains in defined storage conditions, a 10-year shelf-life guarantee is given for protein-based foam concentrates and a 15-year shelf life for synthetic-based ones. They are delivered in plastic packages of 25 liters and 200 liters or in IBC packages of 1.000 liters.

Foam Sprinkler Systems

Open type systems are designed with K41 nozzles using a low expansion foam extract. Foam tank (bladder tank) is produced according to NFPA 11 rules in Italy with our company’s brand name. The specifications and design criteria of all products, especially the proportions are designed by matching and assembled and delivered by our teams.

Foam Generators

Foam generators are designed and applied using a high expansion foam extract at times when foam suppression systems are to be made and / or where large volumes of enclosed volumes need to be foamed very quickly. The function of the foam generator in the system is to increase the volume of the solution by increasing contact with air. Indoor fires on which burning rate is very high and the fire needs to be controlled very quickly, the flow demand and application time are established according to NFPA-11 guidelines using high expansion foam.

Manuel Foam Systems

Manual systems consist of foam monitors and mobile units.

Foam monitors are designed to remotely interfere with fires which pose a great danger.

Mobile units are vehicles used to move the monitors used in foam suppression systems. Foam tanks having 100 years of warranty are manufactured from polypropylene material and installed onto tugs. Changes on design may be made according to users’ requests.