General Overview

Water, easily found in nature and effective for fire, is a fire suppression agent used in all suppression and cooling operations except for (B), (D) and (E) class fires.

Under the title of “Water Suppression Systems”, both fixed automatic systems and manual equipment are described. Fire pumps, hydrant system, fire cabinets, sprinkler, tank cooling, spray and “Watermist” suppression systems are designed, supplied, assembled and maintained according to international standards.

VdS approved software is used for hydraulic calculations of the Water Suppression Systems in all engineering works carried out in our design unit. The rules of the Fire Regulations for the protection of buildings from fire are regarded as a reference. If this regulation is not sufficient, EN, NFPA 150 rules are used according to the requirements of a consumer, a insurance company or a fire consultant.

Assemblies are performed by our staff. NFPA 13, 14, 20, 231 rules are applied to assemblies. Our manufactures are CE certified. Maintenance and periodic inspections are based on “NFPA Test And Maintenance, Inspection” document, and tests are performed according to NFPA 13.

Watermist Suppression System

Watermist suppression systems designed, sold, assembled and maintained by our company are imported as FM approved, UL Listed Ex5988 or VdS certified. (A), (B), (C), fire risk areas, designs, assemblies and tests are conducted according to the risk group and NFPA 750 rules.

Usaga Areas of Watermist System

  • In all areas where a sprinkler is used,
  • In all risk areas on commercial and military vessels,
  • Fuel, flammable liquids, vehicles,
  • Engine test rooms, test rooms, printing facilities,
  • Turbine, generator, machine park and all processes,
  • Electrostatic coating, in dipping plants,
  • Hydraulic pump chambers, presses and oil pits,
  • At museums, archives, historic buildings
  • At land and rail tunnels, platforms, railed system maintenance workshops and wagons
  • Server rooms, cable channels and galleries, trailers,
  • Large and open areas, in the area of coal,
  • In mines,
  • Conveyor belt systems.

Spray Cooling System

Designs, sellings and assemblings, maintenances done by our company on tank cooling system, which’s spray nozzles, dominant valves and cork nozzles used on tank top are imported.

The cooling system is applied according to NFPA 750 regulations on spray nozzles spraying at 110 – 165 ° angle on the outer surfaces of overground steel tanks where all flammable and combustible flammable liquids are present and mushroom nozzles spraying 360 ° at top of tank. Hydraulic calculations and application projects are done by our engineering department, and applications and tests are done by our field staff. The cooling system is designed to operate manually or automatically and valve groups are selected according to the system model.

TSE approved, stitched galvanized pipes and fittings are used unless customers do not request any alternative. Pipe connections are made of 2 “or less diameters of threaded. In case of more diameters than 2’’, pipe connections are made as grooved and welded. Our manufactures are CE certified.

Fire Pumps

Fire pumps designed, sold, assembled and maintained by our company are supplied according to FM, UL Listed Ex1717, Ex15743, Ex15693, Ex412 or NFPA-20 certifications. Portable pumps are supplied from USA or Europe.

Fixed Pump Systems

Fixed fire pumps are sets that provide pressurized water needed by fire cabinets, hydrants, sprinklers, foam suppression and cooling systems installed in BYKH-defined facilities.

Portable Fire Pumps

Portable or trailer mounted fire pumps are often preferred for ships, marinas and harbors, fire crews, sea, or lakeside coastal facilities. Pumps of this type are portable by two people and are petrol or diesel pumps and auxiliary systems that are ready to be used with advantage of using water resources during the fire or used for the purpose of evacuation of water raids. It is an indispensable item for the ships. Pumps are imported from Canada, Japan or Europe, and trailers imported from Europe can be installed if requested.

Sprinkler Suppression System

Sprinkler nozzles and valve groups, which are designed, sold, assembled and maintained by our company, are imported. Sprinkler systems can be used in all class (A) and (C) class fires, but it cannot be used in fire risk areas of (B), (D) and (E).

Sprinkler systems are designed to operate automatically. After regarding (NFPA-13) flow rate nozzle explosion temperature, flammable substance / fire load in the protected volume, altitudes, shelf stability, freezing risk, Pipe installation routes, earthquake zone, etc; we find out that how the sprinkler system will work and which nozzles are to be selected accordingly. Valve groups are selected according to the system model.

Wet system, dry system, systems having parallel operations with fire alarm system are the most frequently preferred systems. As a result of the design, consumer isometric drawings and hydraulic calculations are delivered. The hydraulic calculation software is approved by VdS. Installation, maintenance and periodic maintenance are conducted as per NFPA Test and Maintenance Inspection”, and tests are performed according to NFPA 13.

Equipment Used

The equipment that are used: Butterfly valves, rising stem valves, isolation valves, non-return valves, test and drainage valves, wet alarm valves, flow switches, clamps, seismic equipment pipes and fittings.

TSE approved welded galvanized pipes (SCH 40) and fittings are used unless customers request any alternative. Pipe connections, which’s diameter is 2 ” and above, are manufactured as grooved record or welded or flanged. As for below 2’’ of diameters, threaded pipe connections are manufactured. Nozzles and valves are FM approved, UL Listed Ex15398. Seismic equipment is UL Listed Ex15398. Pipes and fittings are TSE approved.

Fire Cabin and Hydrant System

Hydrants and fire cabinets designed, sold, assembled and maintained by our company are supplied domestically or abroad. New fire cabinets working with water technology can be provided in case of a request.

Usage Areas of the System

Hydrants and fire cabinets are used in all places where water and foam suppressions are applied. Hydrants are installed for outdoor cooling and extinguishing of open spaces and facilities, and also meet the pressurized water needs of fire brigade during a fire. Fire cabinets are installed in enclosed areas, there are two different types: water and foam.