General Overview

Dry chemical dust suppression systems designed, sold, assembled and maintained by our company are imported from CSI company, RENEX-M or other ABC and BC powders are imported from FOMTEC company. The powders are supplied from FOMTEC under trade name of “Renex” are preferred especially in air sector and on formula vehicles. “M-28” is used for class (D) fires.

Usage Areas of the System

Example areas of usage for dry chemical dust systems, which are one of the best solutions, especially in class (B), (C) and (D) fires given as hereunder.

  • Fuel, flammable chemical substance tanks and overflow ponds, flammable chemical substances on overflow ponds, loading and unloading platforms,
  • Fire trucks – Fixed tank systems, paint booths, flammable – combustible material booths, conveyor – belt system paint booths, drying plants,
  • Oil and gas pipelines at pump and compressor stations, natural gas distribution terminals and stations,
  • Fuel and gas sales stations – pump rooms in fixed systems,
  • Helipad landing platforms (Heliped), airports,
  • At pharmaceutical, food, printing and plastics industry facilities,
  • At chemical, paint, rubber and plastic industry installations – in local suppression and automatic suppression systems,
  • In class (D) fires, special powders called “M-28” are used, especially in areas where magnesium, zinc, aluminum, alkali metal fire risk are present,
  • At formula racing facilities,
  • On public buses and trains.

Kitchen Hood System

Automatic suppression system in industrial kitchen is required by regulation. The designs are pre-engineered by our company and supplied by UL Listed Ex5054, S1064, Ex15622 List system from Europe, Israel or USA.

Each cooking group feature uses a separate nozzle according to the filter and chimney. When the kitchen project is delivered to our company, a hood ventilation and detection project will be done and a key delivery will be provided. After sales, periodical maintenance are performed by our technical with contract. It is carried out with checklists prepared according to NFPA Inspection, Maintenance, Test & Control documents.

In the marine sector, so-called “Frying Tube Suppression System” is provided by us with the same certificates and services.

Dry Chemical Powder Systems

It is one of the best solutions especially in classes of (B), (C), (D) fires. These systems are designed and supplied according to NFPA 17 rules, according to the fact that the protected facility is closed or open and risk.

Usage Areas of the System

  • Fuel, flammable flammable tanks, overflow ponds, loading and unloading platforms and foam / dust monitor systems,
  • At paint booths, conveyor suppression systems and drying facility,
  • At fuel and gas sales stations – pump islands in fixed systems,
  • On helicopter landing platforms, at fixed systems, at airports, in fire defense vehicles with manual monitoring,
  • At transformer, iron and steel plants in hydraulic rooms, local and / or automatic suppression systems,
  • At different industries, aluminum dust cells, polishing facilities, under press and hydraulic oil chambers,
  • Especially in areas where magnesium, zinc, aluminum, alkali metal are at risk of fire.

Dry Chemical Powder (DCP)

According to fire classes, dry chemical powders of class (ABC), (BC) and (D) are supplied and delivered as EN 615 certified or UL Listed Ex6015, Ex1598.

In particular, dusts used in air and marine industries are provided as UL Listed Ex6015, Ex1598. Before delivery of the powder, fire and laboratory tests are done at TSE Gebze facilitie every time.

(BC) dusts are imported from Europe branded with MONNEX or RENEX-M, and importation is done with code of M28 for (D) class dusts. It is not easy to ensure fire protection without use of class (D) dry chemical powders in industries where magnesium, zinc, aluminum shavings and powders, etc. are common.

Re-filling of “Automatic Dry Chemical Powder” systems provided by our company is carried out by our maintenance personnel.